6 daily self-care rituals to start your day

6 daily self-care rituals to start your day

6 daily self-care rituals to start your day

We see the benefits of self-care spoken about everywhere, but it can feel overwhelming as a parent to young children. We’re already often pushed to our limits trying to juggle parenting, family, the house, friends, work, and now time for ourselves as well? 

Yes, it can be difficult to find time and losing yourself in parenthood can be all too easy. 

That’s why we’ve listed out our top 6 daily self-care rituals that you can easily work into your routine. It can take practice to establish new habits, go easy on yourself. 

By creating these new healthy rituals in your day, you can feel more at ease, calmer and ready to take on the rest of the parenting-juggle. 


1. Set time to sit with yourself each morning

As parents, we often wake up to the sound of “mommy” or crying for attention. It doesn’t leave any room to wake up properly, to feel ready for the day or even to wipe the sleep from your eyes. 

After you’ve given your little ones morning snuggles, maybe a play and set them up with breakfast or a feed, take 5 or 10 minutes to yourself. Whether it’s drinking your coffee warm, making a chai or just sitting with your thoughts. 

It’s amazing the difference starting your day like this can make. PS we love the Opal Coffee Machine, which can do all of this and more. Get one for free here. 


2. Get outside

While the days can sometimes feel never-ending, it’s also easy to spend the entire day inside without realizing it. Especially as a new parent or one with multiple kids, it can feel challenging to think about getting everyone outside. 

Getting outside, even just for 5 minutes, can boost your mood for the rest of the day. The combination of fresh air, vitamin D and movement will do wonders for your mind. 

You could try taking the stroller or carrier for a walk around the block. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might head to the beach or park for an extra mood boost.


3. Practice gratitude 

Another buzz word at the moment, but for good reason. Our minds can be an intense place to live, especially with the load parents carry. 

By spending time thinking about the positives in our day, month, lives, we can help our minds focus on the good rather than being pulled down into what hasn’t been done. 

This might look different for you than it does another, maybe you prefer to write down a few lines before sleep. Maybe just thinking through the positives while you go about your day is enough. 

Whatever it looks like for you, talking about this gratitude practice with your kids as they grow can also help them establish the same habit in their lives. 


4. Breathwork and movement 

Have you ever noticed how you breathe? Strange question but many of us don’t pay attention to the way we breathe because it just comes naturally. 

When we have anxious or stressful moments during our day, our breath can become shorter and shallower without us realizing. This can increase the stress that we’re feeling and when we have lots of these moments during the day, they can build up. 

Taking 10 minutes at the beginning and end of your day to do some deep, guided breathing or relaxing yoga sequence can have a positive impact. Think of it as resetting your mind and body. 

These short breathwork and movement breaks are perfect to include your little ones in too. 


5. Establish a bedtime routine

We put so much energy into establishing healthy and consistent bedtime routines for our babies, but what about for ourselves? 

Once we get our kids to sleep and finish cleaning up, it can feel like those late hours are the only ones we get to ourselves as parents. It’s tempting to stay up longer than we should to make the most of that time. 

Resist the urge to turn on another episode or to read another page or to fold another load. Give yourself a set bedtime routine with hours to follow. Your future self will thank you for the rest. 


6. Go easy on yourself and ask for help

You are doing an amazing job. Your children know that you love them. You are taking the steps to be the best parent and human you can be. 

It can be easy to say, “don’t put too much stress on yourself”, and more of a challenge to action it. But give it a go because you deserve to enjoy this parenting and life journey that you’re on. 

If you’re finding the juggle too much, reach out to those around you and ask for help. Every parent has felt the same at some point. 

By making these micro-changes throughout your day, one at a time, you can feel the positive impacts in your daily life.


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