Loved by Parents and Babies Down Under
After years of rigorous research and development, we’ve brought to market a disposable eco diaper that ticks all the boxes.
Super absorbent, 90% compostable and gentle on precious little bottoms.

And most importantly given the tick of approval by thousands of Australian and New Zealand parents and babies
No need to compromise
We’ve developed the world’s most eco, high performance disposable diaper, so you don’t need to choose between quality and the future of the planet. You can take care of both with a change to our incredible diaper

90% Biodegradable
Made with premium plant-based materials for our best diaper yet.

Plantcell Technology™
Moisture is trapped away from skin in our innovative central core

Unbeatable Absorbency
That’s a whopping 40% better than standard disposable nappies

Kind on Bottoms
Our natural layers protect those little bottoms from rash and discomfort.

What makes our diapers the best?

It's our unique Plantcell Technology™ that makes the Ecoriginals absorbent core the best. It holds over 900ml of liquid, which is drawn away from the skin, so it stays dry and rash free. Happy bums = happy moms!

World's Kindest Diaper
Protecting the precious skin of your little folk is our number one priority. And preserving the planet comes a very close second. Take a look at what makes our plant-based diaper so effective in keeping your baby dry and safeguarding sensitive skin from rash and irritation.

Plant-based core

Our absorbent central “cell” includes sustainably sourced wood pulp to wick away moisture and hold more than 900ml of liquid. Providing you with 12+ hours of dryness.

Sealing layers

Housing the plant-based core of our diaper, our natural layers of tissue paper, cotton and corn starch provide a dual seal system that keeps moisture trapped away from skin, so our diaper remains dry to the touch.

Breathable fibres

Using natural materials, Ecoriginals ground-breaking diapers remain breathable and allow airflow through the cotton and corn starch top sheet and back sheet.

Paper Packaging
A world-first, our paper diaper packs are home compostable.

90 Days
90% plant-based materials biodegrade in just three months.

Natural Layers
Ensuring the gentlest care for delicate skin.

Eco Initiatives
Actively engaged in preserving ocean, earth and atmosphere.

Plantcell Technology
Our unique Plantcell Technology optimizes a premium combination of natural materials, with a dual seal system for up to 40% superior absorbency to traditional disposable diapers. Meaning drier, healthier, happier skin.... and babies
Rounded Grip Tabs
Our rounded strong-grip tab is smooth on baby's skin to avoid irritation
Absorbent Core
Sustainability sourced wood pulp and absorbent polymers trap moisture to keep it away from the nappy surface and baby's skin
Soft Leg Cuff
100% cotton cuffs provide a gentle, comfortable fit around little legs (chubby or otherwise)
Breathable Back Sheet
100% pure cotton for increased airflow and maximum softness
Corn Starch Barrier
Water resistant layer of non-GMO corn starch for premium protection
3D Leak Guard
Specially designed to automatically position for the prevention of side spill
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