With more natural fiber than any other disposable diaper on the market, it is vital that you are fitting our groundbreaking eco nappies as they were designed. For best performance in our virtually plastic free diapers, the tabs need to be affixed firmly and straight on the frontal tape.
Make sure our mighty eco diapers stay put!
Watch our demonstration on how to align our tabs and frontal tape so your diapers stay put. You won't believe how strong our grip is when the tabs are secured correctly!
What size? And how many?
Our diaper size guide acts as a recommendation as only you know your child the best. As a guide our diapers should fit around your child easily, but not meet in the middle - the diaper should be a snug fit when tabs are secured. It is important that the tabs be fixed straight along the frontal tape to hold the diaper in place. Diaper Training Pants should pull up in place, and fit snuggly, but not so tight as to leave a mark on the skin. We recommend going up (or down) a size to ensure the fit is in line with these guidelines.

Our size guide has been developed around children whose size & weight is in the 5o% and above, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) also in your Red PCHR Book.
What makes our diapers the best?
It's our unique Plantcell Technology™ that makes the Ecoriginals absorbent core the best. It holds over 900ml of liquid, which is drawn away from the skin, so it stays dry and rash free. Happy Bums = Happy Moms!

Our 3 most common queries

How do I dispose of Ecoriginals 90% biodegradable Diapers? 

For our diapers to biodegrade in the fastest possible time, we rely on you to dispose of your Ecoriginals diapers without enclosing them in plastic. We recommend biodegradable bin liners or wrapping them in newspaper or even our diaper packaging is another great alternative to ensure they decompose in your local waste management.

Where are Ecoriginals diapers made?  

We have built a relationship with a manufacturer located in New Zealand, whose plant is powered entirely by renewable resources and this is where all of our wipes are made. Our diapers include premium and responsibly sourced materials from the United States, China and Japan. These materials are then consolidated and shipped to our New Zealand partner's facility in China, with a view to bring all of our production to New Zealand shores very soon. 

How do I change my diaper size in my subscription? 

Select My Account at the top right of the website. Log in using your existing account details. Select “Manage Settings” on the subscription you would like to update. Select Edit to update your diaper size. Your current selection will be shown in the variant dropdown box. Select your preference and confirm.

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