Are Diaper Toxins Doing Your Baby More Harm Than Good?

Are Diaper Toxins Doing Your Baby More Harm Than Good?

Are Diaper Toxins Doing Your Baby More Harm Than Good?

Dangerous diaper toxins could be affecting your baby’s health but now you can prevent these hidden dangers by looking for a few unwanted ingredients.

It’s enough to make any parent anxious, but toxins in your baby’s diaper could be affecting their health. Many disposable diapers contain harmful chemicals that are known to disrupt growth and development, potentially posing a serious threat to their wellbeing.

It has also been found that some disposable diapers have caused damage to babies sensitive skin, including blistering and burns as a result of contact with fragrances, dyes, and other toxins. Truly scary stuff.  So just what are these diaper toxins and how can you spot them?


Traditional disposable diapers use plastic in their construction that contains phthalates. Phthalates have been used in food packaging, detergents, and even children's toys until they were banned in the US due to their toxicity. Phthalates are just one example of diaper toxins that you could be putting on your child's sensitive skin without even realizing they are there. They have been shown to disrupt the endocrine system, which is important for healthy growth and development.

Our diapers are free from phthalates, with no hidden plastics or known diaper toxins in their layers, so they are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin with reduced environmental impact. All parts of the diaper are sourced from naturally derived materials, including a cornstarch top sheet and FSC wood pulp absorbent core, so parents know exactly what each and every layer is made from.

Plus with our unique, innovative Plantcell Technology, Ecoriginals diapers are a whopping 40% more absorbent than traditional diapers.


Many parents try to manage the odor associated with diapers by choosing a fragranced product but this fragrance is often the result of diaper toxins that are best avoided. A large number of disposable diaper brands continue to use fragrances in their products despite the potential irritation they cause. Fragrance is one of the prime culprits for causing eczema and other allergies to flare up, and is also a significant contributor to unwanted diaper rash.

Fragrance free options don’t need to be hard to find, however, and our plant-based diapers contain no fragrances, perfumes, or other nappy toxins so you can keep your little one’s skin protected.

PEG’s (Polyethylene Glycols) & Phenoxyethanol

Polyethylene glycols, or PEG's, are found in many cosmetic and personal care products, but they are a real worry when it comes to their inclusion in disposable diapers. Identified as known carcinogen’s, PEG’s have been shown to interfere with development and could potentially cause issues with your baby’s nervous system.

PEG’s are common in the back sheet of traditional disposable diapers, used as a thin film to prevent leaks, but Ecoriginals natural eco diapers opt for a 100% cotton alternative instead, avoiding any hidden diaper toxins with their natural fabrication.

Phenoxyethanol is of particular concern for infants, known to cause dermatitis, eczema, and could even lead to vomiting and diarrhea if ingested. Our plant-based diapers are free from toxic phenoxyethanol, giving you peace of mind that you are keeping your baby safe from these potentially harmful chemicals.


A diaper with anti-bacterial properties might sound like a good idea, but the triclosan contained in disposable diapers could have far more sinister consequences including harmful effects on your little one's immune system and hormone disruption. In reality, triclosan is not an essential component of an effective diaper and is arguably another addition to the list of unwanted diaper toxins.

By choosing our natural diapers, you can prevent the potential health risks of exposing your baby to diaper toxins they don't need to be exposed to as the diapers are free from triclosan.

Choosing a diaper for your baby is hard enough without having to worry that you could be exposing them to toxins without even realizing it. By selecting a world-leading brand like Ecoriginals, and opting for a biodegradable, environmentally conscious alternative, you can do your bit for the planet and have total peace of mind that your bub is in safe hands.

Are you worried about diaper toxins? Let us know in the comments!

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